Villa Del Sol

The Villa Del Sol patio is a one-of-a-kind, warm outdoor haven in the heart of Downtown Fullerton.

With its beautiful architecture and attractive main courtyard, this original Spanish Colonial historic monument is ideal for an outdoor wedding and reception or any special occasion. To be reserved for two hours or the entire seven-hour rental period, until midnight.

The courtyard is beautifully manicured with palm tree islands, a bubbling fountain, grass, and flowers, and it also has picture-perfect archways, wrought-iron fences, and towering turrets amidst the three levels that encircle the delightful courtyard. There are several gorgeous backgrounds nearby the Villa Del Sol, such as the ivy-covered breezeway immediately off Wilshire on the venue’s south side.

The Villa Del Sol’s second story terrace is an amazing feature. Guests may visit the terrace and enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before taking their seats on the first level for the reception. Larger gatherings with up to 250 people can use the full courtyard for dinner seating, as well as the first floor and terrace. As your guests dine and dance under the stars, festive market lights throughout the courtyard will shed a lovely glow over the scene!

The Villa Del Sol was the community’s pride and pleasure, and it was owned by people who bought stock in the Fullerton Community Hotel Company, led by Charles C. Chapman.

The California Hotel broke ground on January 22nd, 1922, with corporation board member S.C. Hartranft remarking that Fullerton “already has the finest water system, the finest churches, the best schools, elegant paved streets, a lighting system unequaled anywhere, and civic organizations we are proud of….now we are going to have the finest hotel in the state!” An unrivaled triumph.”

On January 15, 1923, the building was dedicated at the northwest corner of Wilshire and Harbor. The elegant edifice, designed by local architects Frank Benchley and Eugene Durfee, was built of Spanish Colonial styles at a total cost of $136,000, $25,000 of which was personally contributed by Chapman.

The building’s current appearance is the result of extensive restoration that began in 1964. The single-story strip across Spadra Road (Harbor Boulevard) was erected at this time, and the Villa del Sol was built in 1965. This restoration contained the courtyard even further and created a hidden sanctuary just off busy Spadra Road, which will soon be Harbor Boulevard.

The building remained in this state until 1992, when it was purchased by Dunlap Real Estate Investments, which managed a variety of upgrades and redevelopment initiatives, including the seismic retrofitting procedure.

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