Tri-City Park

The 40-acre Tri-City Park is located in the City of Placentia, is flanked by the City of Fullerton on two sides, and is only a quarter-mile from the City of Brea. It has a lake and three picnic shelters that can be reserved. There are numerous leisure possibilities accessible, including bicycling and walking, model sailboating, fishing, and playgrounds.

Many migratory waterfowl visit this 8-acre lake each year. A California Fish and Game License is required to fish for catfish and bluegill. Model radio-controlled sailboats can also be launched.

The park is also a wildlife sanctuary and a popular place for bird viewing.

Three picnic shelters with tables and grills give shade. There are also picnic tables and park benches throughout the site.

Take the 57 Freeway to the Imperial Highway exit and follow signs to Tri-City Park in Placentia. Exit Brea Mall in the opposite direction. We came from the direction of Angels Stadium and exited on the right. Stay in the right lane and take the first right onto Kraemer Blvd. Turn right at Golden, where the park entrance is immediately visible. Make a left at the fork to park near the playground. (Placentia address: 2301 N. Kraemer Blvd)


The lake takes center stage over the playground, which is tiny in comparison to other local parks. Because it used to be known as the Tuffree Reservoir, which held Anaheim Union Water District river water from the Santa Ana Canyon, the lake is even a “Orange County Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.”

We’ve seen folks sailing miniature boats on the lake several times, and it’s always entertaining to watch. Even turtles can be found in the lake! You can observe them sunning themselves on the borders or swimming with their heads up.

A fun playground that isn’t too big for a toddler to play on. There are few gaps along the sides, but they are not higher than your reach, so it feels rather secure.

Two structures, one of which is smaller for children aged 2 to 5.

Next to the play structure are two baby swings and two bench swings.

It’s good to have a paved walking route. You can construct a loop or park far from the playground and make it a destination. If you catch it in winter after a storm, there are peek-a-boo views of snow-capped mountains from the playground side of the lake.

There are plenty of tall, luxuriant trees to spread out a picnic blanket beneath. I’ve done it countless times and had some amazing meals with my family as a result.

There is also a new outdoor training equipment area on the right as you enter the building.

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