The Colony South

Many of the homes and apartments in The Colony South are tiny (studio to two-bedroom) or larger (three- or four-bedroom) in size. The majority of the homes are rented rather than owned. The majority of homes in The Colony South were constructed after the year 2000. Between 1940 and 1969, some homes were also constructed.

There are many different types of multi-family buildings, including duplexes, triplexes, and Victorian mansions that have been converted into apartments. Pizza shops run by their owners on the corner. These characteristics are typical of areas that are dominated by 2-, 3-, and 4-unit apartment complexes. But in this respect, The Colony South stands out from most other American neighborhoods since it is so dominated by little apartment buildings. This is a picture-perfect representation of the kind of community this is. Here, modest apartment complexes with two, three, or four units make up 36.1% of the real estate, compared to 96.1% nationally.

One of the most college-student-friendly places in all of California is the The Colony South neighborhood. Based on research, this area is popular with college students, has good walkability, and has above-average safety. These factors, taken together, make it an attractive option for college students. The presence of so many young adults under the age of 25 suggests that this area is likely located near a university, and so provides convenient access to services and facilities aimed squarely towards the needs of its student population. Although not everyone would thrive here, high-achieving students can find temporary excitement during semester and holiday breaks, and their parents can rest comfortable thanks to the area’s above-average safety rating. Considering all of these factors, the area is considered one of the most college-friendly in California, ranking in the top 9.5 percent.

Did you know that the percentage of people claiming Mexican origin is the highest in The Colony South? That’s right! In fact, almost eighty-seven percent of the locals here can trace their roots back to Mexico.

One more way in which the language of the Colony South stands out is as a unique variety. Notably, 4.9% of the population is Vietnamese, and most of them are adults. The number may not appear large, but it’s actually higher than 99.9% of American neighborhoods.

With a median home price of $911,596, The Colony South is more costly than 67.8 percent of California neighborhoods and 92.6 percent of American areas.

According to a recent study, the average monthly rental in The Colony South is now $2,776. The current monthly rent is less than in 55.1% of all California communities.

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