Stanton Central Park

Stanton Central Park and Splash Pad serves as a state-of-the-art and staffed outdoor recreation area for the residents of Stanton.

It has something for people of all ages and interests because it is over 11 acres in size! Due to the park’s popularity, daily public works services are provided to keep the area tidy and prepared for visitors.

Brand-new as of the summer of 2016 and created with careful consideration for community feedback from Stanton residents.

Staff members are on duty at this park from 8 am to 8 pm; they are frequently seen outside on the grounds talking with visitors or available in the park office.

As with the rest of the park, the splash pad has a railway theme in remembrance of the legendary Red Car, which once ran on rails not far from this one.

Large trees are surrounded by lovely circular benches, and there are several spots for picnics. Once the trees get a chance to grow a little more and provide some shade, it will be incredibly nice.

The park contains two areas with various stations for exercise equipment, a butterfly garden, and a walking route that round the entire thing.

A large playground is designed with a railway engine and a water tower as its themes. If you are an adult, it is really impressively large. I can only imagine how it would appear to a 5-year-old. Three slides exit the train: a tunnel slide, a winding slide, and a short slide. The two large pieces of play equipment for kids are connected by a tunnel. Fireman’s pole with a brief zip line.

Large rock/rope course play area with little caverns and secure footholds.

There are two baby swings and a very little structure in the nearby children’s playground, but there is still plenty of space for children to run around on the grassy area. a set of balls for play.

Near Butterfly Garden, there are painted chessboards on park benches; you can either bring your own pieces or borrow some from the park office.

Two seat swings, two baby swings, and one “Oodle Swing” are located next to a small playground.

Accessing Stanton Central Park

Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are both nearby Stanton. It is accessible from Interstates 405 and 5. We traveled there on the 405 and returned home through a loop on the 5. We exited the 405 at the Beach Boulevard exit, turned left into Katella, then right onto Western. Right after the railroad tracks is where you turn into the parking area. We simply took Katella in the direction of Disneyland when we departed and jumped on I-5 there.

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