Round 1 Bowling & Amusement

Round 1 Bowling & Amusement offers bowling, arcades, karaoke, billiards, darts, and Ping-Pong, as well as casual snacks and drinks.

What exactly is Round 1?

Round1 Bowling & Amusement is an indoor facility complex that offers Bowling, Arcade Games, Billiards, Karaoke, Ping Pong, Darts, and other entertainment-like activities. Round1 outperforms its competition in terms of fun-filled activities, exclusive arcade equipment from Japan, and food and beverage choices.

The Beginnings of Round One Japan

Masahiko Sugino, the proprietor, founded Sugino Kosan in December 1980 and built a roller skating rink with arcade games. As the store’s popularity grew, the facility expanded to incorporate a bowling lane, making it even more popular. In 1993, this location became the first Round One store. Since then, the company has rapidly spread throughout Japan.

Round One has effectively built its national brand and will have 100 outlets in Japan by 2021.

Round One is constantly striving to remain at the forefront of entertainment events. As a result, Round One created the “Spo-Cha” Sports Challenge complex, where clients may participate in a range of sports and entertainment-related activities for a single fixed price on a single day. There was nothing like Spo-Cha on the market, and it is this kind of innovation that genuinely distinguishes Round One from its competition.

Round One: Growth and Expansion in the United States of America

Round One Entertainment Japan began looking internationally to the United States for additional growth and expansion in 2008. In 2010, the company launched its first U.S. facility in City of Industry, California, a Los Angeles suburb. The company’s main issue at the time was that “Round One Entertainment” was an unknown business in the United States. But, within a few years, Round One quickly expanded its second, third, and fourth facilities in California, and it now has over 50 sites operating or planned around the United States.

Since 2014, Round One USA, the U.S. division of Round One Entertainment, has been rapidly expanding across the country. We distinguish ourselves from our competition by providing a diverse range of activities, such as our Kids Play Zone (an indoor playground area for children) and the Spo-Cha idea. Round One continues to expand fast in the United States market, targeting a diverse variety of customers ranging from young children to the elderly.

Sales and revenue have been rapidly increasing as the number of Round One locations has grown. Round One is rapidly expanding its brand awareness across the United States as a result of our new store openings. This method to raising Round One’s profile is critical to the company’s goal of establishing a national brand in the entertainment and amusement business.

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