Rodeo 39 Public Market

Rodeo 39 Public Market, which is in Stanton, offers a vast selection of foods and enticing flavors.

Developer Dan Almquist, managing partner at Frontier Real Estate Investments, built Rodeo 39 in San Juan Capistrano.

City officials from the 36,000-person Stanton came to him. Did he want to take a stab at the 24 acres of neglected land on Beach Boulevard, close to the 22 Freeway? He accepted the task because he saw it as an opportunity to construct a collection of stores and restaurants that was more akin to a hangout than a standard shopping complex.

Don’t call Rodeo 39 a food hall even though food is the center of the event (and it is a carnival of food).

Along with a bakery and a flower store fit for Instagram, Rodeo 39 also features a retro arcade, a raw bar, a tea bar, a cocktail bar, a coffee shop, and even a small stage for the moment when live music is once again permitted.

The greatest vendor win at Rodeo, though, went to Skin Design Tattoo, which is run by Robert Pho, widely regarded as the best tattooist in the country. To give you some context, Skin Design now has locations in Stanton, Las Vegas, New York, and Honolulu.

Behind glass is Bearded Tang, Stanton’s first artisan brewery, where you can watch them create beer and then consume it. 24 are available on tap.

There are several locations to do it in this city. The 41,000 square foot area is filled with various types of seating, including counter seating and comfortable cafe tables with scoop chairs.

Finding a table won’t be difficult; choosing what to bring to that table will be.

There are 18 different food options available, and they range widely from Japanese ramen and Vietnamese street crepes to Detroit deep-dish pizza, Hawaiian-style Kimchi Butter Chicken Katsu, handmade vegan doughnuts, and Filipino rice bowls.

Kra Z Kai’s, the first Laotian BBQ joint in OC, is one of the vendors. The vegan versions of popular fast-food sandwiches like the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish are offered by Beleaf Burgers (although their imitation of the In-N-Out Single is quite deceptive). You can choose your own steak or burger from the case and have it cooked to your preferences at the artisan butcher store Primal Cuts.

Additionally, Rodeo 39 includes eight pop-up stores where you can purchase vintage cowgirl handbags, goofy sunglasses, streetwear-inspired clothing, and handmade jewelry (from a real traveling rodeo vendor).

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