Orchard Hills 

Orchard Hills real estate consists mostly of medium to big (three or four bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. The majority of residential real estate is occupied by a combination of owners and tenants. Many of the homes in the Orchard Hills area are newer, having been completed in 2000 or after. A number of houses were also constructed before to 1940.

If you prefer the look and feel of new houses and newly developed neighborhoods, the Orchard Hills community is for you. A stunning 90.4% of the homes and other residential real estate in this area were built after 1999, which is a larger proportion of new dwellings than in 98.9% of the neighborhoods in the United States. Everything feels brand new here. In fact, the density of recent residences in this area is so dense that they entirely dominate the landscape. Most neighborhoods have a mix of ages of residential real estate, but this one was virtually entirely built between 2000 and present.

Some communities have more educated residents than others. However, there is a significant distinction in this neighborhood. According to data, 45.9% of the people here hold a Masters degree, medical degree, Ph.D., or law degree. This is a larger proportion of adults with a graduate degree than in 98.8% of U.S. areas, where the typical American community had 12.7% of its adults with a graduate degree. If you are well educated, you may share similar interests with many of your neighbors.

Furthermore, if you are an executive or professional looking for a neighborhood that provides an executive lifestyle, or simply curious about where other executives reside in the area, the Orchard Hills neighborhood should be on your list. It boasts an enviable blend of spacious residences, generally constant real estate values, and a lot of rich executives, managers, and professionals as inhabitants. According to data, it is one of the top 12.6% executive lifestyle areas in California. This neighborhood is not just a wonderful choice for highly educated professionals, but it is also an excellent choice for families with school-aged children.

Did you know that the Orchard Hills area has the highest proportion of Asian and Iranian origin residents of any community in America? That is correct! In actuality, 60.5% of this neighborhood’s people are Asian, while 3.8% are Iranian.

Orchard Hills is also unique linguistically. Significantly, 30.7% of its population aged five and up speak Chinese at home. While this may appear to be a small amount, it is higher than 99.6% of American communities.

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