Little Parrot Farm

Learn how Little Parrot Farm’s sectors collaborate to practice sustainable agriculture and “compassion in action” toward soil, plants, and living creatures. See our unique, foreign vegetables in the flower and harmony gardens. Discover how industrious bee pollinators and composters support our plants and enrich agricultural soil. Observe farmers harvesting to provide “farm-to-table” produce to the neighborhood. Examine how microgreens are grown. Smell and feel farm ingredients used to manufacture natural home products like honey soap and herb-infused oil. Interact and meet our creatures, which range from piggies, rabbits, and guinea pigs to roosters, Muscovy ducks, and alpacas.

The objective of Little Parrot Farm is to farm utilizing sustainable practices while producing excellent and nutritious crops and products, as well as to educate and unify the community behind the cause of achieving sustainability, harmony with nature, and compassion for all living beings.

The founders seek to create a sustainable educational farm that exhibits respect and care for land and living beings, as well as to experience a world in which man and nature can prosper and coexist in harmony.


Workshops, Community Kitchen, Farm-to-Table field trip, Animal fun, Community outreach, and Volunteer activities are all available. These programs offer instruction that is beneficial to both your health and mind. You will begin to understand the notion of harmony between man and nature as you learn and experience.

Farm-to-Table Field

Educates youngsters to respect and learn about plants and nature, to have a feeling of belonging and responsibility, and to comprehend and appreciate the importance of nature and life.

The Farm-to-Table Field’s purpose is to encourage children to appreciate and love nature, as well as to create a sense of interconnectedness and responsibility to the environment. Children will learn the importance and beauty of living in harmony with nature via hands-on and outdoor activities, and will be inspired to care for life and the environment.


As these concepts are applied to daily life, it teaches individuals how to live in harmony with nature in order to achieve body and mental wellbeing.

Kitchen for the Community

Cooking with love, life-loving ingredients, and no pollution. Gourmet chefs will assist guests in quickly creating tasty foods while also offering healthy and nutrition knowledge that will bring harmony to the body, mind, and environment.

Animal Fun

Interacts lovingly with animals, recognizes the value of life, and develops a caring attitude toward living beings.

Community Service

It is part of our community service to pass on our knowledge and delight.

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