La Mirada Disc Golf Courses

The lovely La Mirada Regional Park is home to the La Mirada Disc Golf Courses. There are very few disc golfers who have never heard of La Mirada’s disc golf courses. The courses are an institution that was founded in 1976. For four decades, the gorgeous lush green oasis of a park has provided as a haven for generations of disc golfers. La Mirada was the second course in the world to have permanent baskets installed, and it has rapidly expanded from a single 18-hole course to two 18-hole courses plus a monster layout that combines the 36 total holes into one championship level course. Many consider this to be the best disc golf course in Southern California. A disc golf pro shop is located near the tennis courts in the park’s center.

Disc Golf Courses

Lakeside and Backside are two 18-hole courses at La Mirada Regional Park. The courses wind their way around lush green hills with views of La Mirada Lake.

La Mirada is everything you envision when you think of disc golf in paradise: warm temps, a cool wind, and plenty of palm palms.

The Lakeside and Backside 18-hole courses at La Mirada are set on rolling hills of manicured green grass, earning them the nickname “the Jewel of Southern California.”

“LaMi,” as many locals refer to it, is a fair and forgiving course with open and gently wooded fairways. A good roller game will get you through the sycamore and pine trees, but losing control may land you in the lake, the street, or the parking lot.

One of the highlights is the 520-foot-long Hole 4 on the Backside. It’s La Mirada’s lone par 4, and the best drives need a throw over the out-of-bounds area to a green on a little island. It’s not always easy to lay down in a safe place. Errant drives amid a headwind may leave you too far away from your approach or OB. Short approach shots and shanked putts can transform your birdie or par into a snowman—a 10 is not uncommon during a tournament.

Play both sides as a single 18-hole, par 68 course known as the Golden State Layout for an added difficulty. Purchase fresh discs from the pro shop or visit Discovering the World, the area’s largest disc golf retailer, in nearby Buena Park.

La Mirada is located 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles and less than 15 miles from three additional excellent golf courses.

La Mirada Disc Golf Community

The La Mirada Disc Golf Course is home to several formal and informal disc golf communities that meet on a regular basis for weekly play and tournaments. With such an active community, it is simple to locate someone to play with at all skill levels.

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