La Habra Southeast

La Habra Southeast is an urban neighborhood (based on population density) located in La Habra, California.

The majority of the single-family homes and townhomes in La Habra Southeast range in size from medium (three or four bedrooms) to big (four, five, or more bedrooms). A mixture of owners and renters occupy the majority of the residential real estate. The majority of homes in the La Habra Southeast area were constructed between 1970 and 1999, making them established but not old. Additionally, a handful of houses were constructed between 1940 and 1969.

La Habra Southeast has a 6.0% real estate vacancy rate, which is lower than 62.7% of American areas. The demand for real estate in La Habra Southeast is higher than the national average, which may indicate a need for price rises or new residential development in this area.

The median home price in La Habra Southeast is $996,961, making it more expensive than 69.0% of Californian communities and 92.8% of American areas.

According to analysis, the current average rental cost in La Habra Southeast is $3,163. Currently, this neighborhood’s rents are less expensive than 41.4% of California neighborhoods.

Significantly, 6.9% of the population who are five years old or older speak Korean at home. Despite the fact that this might seem like a small percentage, it is higher than 99.3% of American neighborhoods.

The La Habra Southeast neighborhood in La Habra has wealthy neighbors, making it one of the 15% wealthiest neighborhoods in the country. This community has a greater income than 85.0% of the neighborhoods in America, according to analysis. This neighborhood has a greater percentage of childhood poverty than 54.5% of U.S. neighborhoods, with 13.0% of the children living below the federal poverty line.

Mexicans are the most prevalent ethnic group or ancestry among residents of the La Habra Southeast area in La Habra, California (39.8%). In addition, there are many people with Asian heritage (16.7%), many people with German roots (10.5%), some people with Italian ancestry (6.4%), and some people with English ancestry (5.9%), among others. Additionally, 22.6% of the people living in this community were born overseas.

People in this neighborhood speak a variety of languages. These are the languages that people most frequently speak when they are at home with their families, according to statistics. English is the language used in 62.2% of households in the La Habra Southeast area. Spanish, Korean, and Chinese are some of the other significant languages used here.

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