King Richard’s Antique Vintage Center

King Richard’s Antique Center is well worth a visit to Whittier, California. To begin with, the center is the largest antique and vintage center in all of California. However, the narrative of the place is equally as intriguing as the rich tales behind the many riches you’ll find inside.

The structure itself is well over a century old. It was built in 1903 as a citrus packing facility and was later transformed to King Richard’s Antique Center in 1979. This place is a feast for history experts and casual travelers alike, with everything from fruit pickers to antique pickers!

The showroom is the true highlight of King Richard’s Antique Center’s numerous facilities. There is something for everyone and then some with over 57 thousand square feet of floor area! While that much space may seem intimidating, don’t worry; there are many knowledgeable curators and clerks available to assist you if you’re seeking for a certain piece or even an era of antiques.

It’s also worth noting that there’s something for everyone’s budget. Whether you’re looking for costume or fine jewelry, a silver tea set, a few LPs to add to your vinyl collection, or perhaps a complete bedroom furniture set, King Richard’s is likely to have it, and at a price you’re willing to pay. Many portions of the store are curated by independent sellers, and if you ask, you may typically negotiate when purchasing a specialty item or many pieces.

King Richards is much more than just the products for sale. Bring in your antiques to get them assessed by a specialist. Who can say? Grandma’s vase could be worth a million! They also offer repair and restoration services for valuable heirlooms that deserve to be taken out of the cellar and shown.

Have you seen Antiques Road Show and want to try your hand at appraisal? You can even take a professional class to learn how to do it. Aside from the typical goods and courses offered at King Richard’s, this Southern California treasure conducts a variety of events and festivities. Check out their online calendar for information about upcoming photo shoots, sweepstakes, flea markets, wine tastings, and other events.

It’s also worth noting that King Richard’s is frequently used as a film and television set. If you’re driving from a distance, it’s important calling ahead to ensure that the facility will be open to the public on your visit.

Are you scared about getting hungry on the way home? Make one last trip to King Richard’s general store for vintage-style food and candies to complement your showroom floor purchases! The center has jams and jellies, chocolates and caramels, and a selection of refreshments for everyone at your party; gluten-free goodies are also available.

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