The Incredicoaster is a steel roller coaster located at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It debuted in 2001 as California Screamin’, manufactured by Intamin. It is the only inversion roller coaster at the Disneyland Resort and the park’s fastest, reaching speeds of 55 miles per hour (89 kilometers per hour). As of 2022, it is the world’s sixth longest sit-down roller coaster, at 6,072 feet in length. It is the tallest roller coaster at any Disney property, standing 122 feet tall.

California Screamin’ shut down on January 8, 2018, and reopened on June 23, 2018, as the Incredicoaster, inspired by the 2004 computer-animated film The Incredibles and its 2018 sequel Incredibles 2. Its inauguration coincided with the debut of the park’s newly refurbished Pixar Pier section, which houses the roller coaster. [4] The coaster shoots through the tubes for two reasons: They not only conceal the sceneries with characters, but they also allow the coaster to comply with Orange County sound restrictions by sending the riders’ screams out of the tube into the park, away from the rest of Anaheim and the nearby city of Garden Grove.

The pre-show and the ride

Guests enter as news video of the Incredibles and Edna Mode being interviewed for the coaster’s renaming as Incredicoaster plays on TV screens. During the interview, Jack-Jack employs his unpredictable superpowers, much to his family’s chagrin and Edna’s delight. Elastigirl asks Edna to care after Jack-Jack as the passengers board the cars and depart from the station. The motorcyclists pass by the VIP lounge, where Edna is teleported around with Jack-Jack. Edna then informs that Jack-Jack has fled. As the coaster approaches the launch location, the Incredibles take off throughout the ride, attempting to capture Jack-Jack as he uses his extensive array of super powers to “attack” particular points on the ride.

The train is launched at 55 mph into the first tunnel after Dash gives the countdown, accompanied by a torrent of water jets that flash red to symbolize Dash’s super speed. Dash tries to use his super speed to catch Jack-Jack in the first tunnel, while Jack-Jack shoots lasers from his eyes. The train then exits the tunnel as it descends the drop and rises upward onto the first block brake, then navigates a right hand curve around Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind before passing beneath the outbound track and climbing up the main lift, which is powered by LIMs. This is the first time Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology has been used to allow a roller coaster vehicle to move at an inclined degree.

As the train crests the hill, it enters the second tunnel, where Elastigirl tries to catch Jack-Jack while he is phasing in and out of the tunnel wall using her stretching skills. Mr. Incredible has used his incredible power to bust through the wall and is attempting to catch Jack-Jack by offering him a cookie, after which the train exits the tunnel. After exiting the tunnel, the ride makes a three-quarter turn before entering the vertical loop. Following that, the train dives through the third tunnel, which Jack-Jack has set ablaze with his fire powers, forcing Violet to construct an invisible forcefield around the tunnel to extinguish the flames and keep the passengers safe as they make another loop around the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind.

After passing through the second block braking part, the track continues through a series of airtime-filled bunny hop hills as it passes over Toy Story Midway Mania, where Jack-Jack uses his ability to multiply to cause dozens of Jack-Jacks to appear all over the place. The train subsequently ascends towards the last block brake segment. After releasing the block brakes, the train follows a 270-degree downward spiral into a straight length of track with one last bunny hop. As Jack-Jack returns safely, he executes a final 100-degree left turn into the final brake run. He has grown in size this time, but Edna tries to keep him calm by giving him a cookie.

Orange County Electrician

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