Heritage Park

Heritage Park in Cerritos is not technically in Orange County, but it is a destination playground worth visiting that is not too far away for inhabitants of north Orange County.

Your children will have the opportunity to play on exciting equipment while learning about the American Revolution, which you may further research at home.

Heritage Park Directions

Cerritos is situated on the 605 Freeway, which connects Interstate 405 and the 91 Freeway. We took Interstate 5 north to the 91 and exited at Carmenita. Turn left onto Bloomfield, and the park will be on the left. If you’re coming from the 605, take the South Street exit and turn left at Bloomfield (the park will be on your right). Cerritos address: 18600 Bloomfield Avenue.


  • It’s a FREE public park with the feel of a theme park.
  • It’s a small island! Isn’t it cool?
  • The playground equipment is constructed INSIDE the structures! From the top of the church, you may ride a tunnel slide. For entertaining pretend play, you can climb into attics and across roof walkways.
  • There are hidden slides as well as historical sites.
  • There are spiral staircases and narrow nooks, as well as expansive views across the moat!
  • The entire area has the feel of a historical village, and the kids have a great time exploring. The buildings have an attic where the children can move between slides.
  • Don’t forget about the pirate ship! Can you track down the concrete canoe?
  • Keep an eye out for ducks, geese, and turtles.
  • Before you come, go to the Cerritos Library and read more on Paul Revere’s ride.
  • Half the pleasure is learning how wonderful this place is, so I won’t reveal all of its mysteries. You must see it for yourself!
  • The main attraction is Play Island, however there is another playground off the island. It’s simple, yet it’s also appealing.
  • On a clear winter day, you can see across the island’s moat to the snow-capped San Bernardino mountains.

Be Wary:

  • There is no food on the island. Eat your munchies elsewhere.
  • Keep an eye on your step since there is duck feces everywhere.
  • Cerritos High School is directly across the street.
  • DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS, even if you observe others doing so.
  • Most M/W/Th/F and Sat/Sun from 10 a.m. until sunset. Please keep in mind that it is CLOSED on Tuesday mornings. On Tuesdays, it opens at 2 p.m. (In addition, the sign states that it may close at any time for any cause.)
  • Weekends may be hectic. I’d recommend going as soon as it opens at 10 a.m.
  • I saw kids of different ages, but due of the narrow paths and big kids, I’d stick with the little ones.
  • The island has two entrances/exits. The front door is located directly off the parking lot, beside the Paul Revere statue. Another covered bridge leads to the restroom in the back.

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