Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! is a fast drop tower dark ride attraction at the Disneyland Resort’s Disney California Adventure park. It features Rocket enlisting visitors to attempt to release the remaining Guardians of the Galaxy from display within the Collector’s fortress, based on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (especially those from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie).

Preshow and queue

Guests enter through the entrance sign and proceed to the outdoor queuing area. On both sides of the path, there are long queues. Guests access the Collector’s archive on the main floor after passing a gold statue of the Collector. Cosmo the Spacedog, among other things, may be found on the main floor. A video of the Collector and his new assistant Apheta loops. The video showcases some of the collection’s artifacts and lifeforms, including Stan Lee. The film also unveils the Guardians of the Galaxy, the newest addition to the Tivan Collection. The Guardians’ banter reveals that they, notably Peter Quill, were duped into coming to visit since they expected to be given a tour of the facility as well. The Collector has electrified their glass boxes and dangled them over an abyss so that the team cannot escape, but Rocket is still determined to escape. The Collector informs the guests that after their biological signs have been scanned into the system, all they have to do is raise their hands for clearance.

Following that, the visitors are escorted inside the Collector’s office, where another video of himself begins to play. Rocket, who had escaped his case, suddenly enters the room (represented by an audio animatronic) from a vent and hijacks the camera to describe his strategy for liberating his friends. (If an animatronic malfunction occurs, a CGI version of Rocket will appear on the screen to disrupt the Collector’s spiel.) The visitors will use their access permits (hand scans) to gain entry to the lift while Rocket rides on top, taking control and transporting them to the control room to blow up the generator and cut off all electricity in the complex, allowing the Guardians to escape. The Guardians will then reunite with Mantis, who will arrive with their ship so they may flee as soon as possible. Rocket takes Quill’s walkman as he exits the Collector’s office.


Mission Breakout contains two “gantry lifts,” two boarding levels, and one shaftway, which allows people to board one lift while the other is using the shaft. A mechanical arm in front of the exit doors pushes and pulls both gantry lifts into and out of the shaftway.

After passengers have been seated in the gantry lift, the Collector informs them that “this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.” Rocket, on the other hand, unplugs the system and enters Quill’s walkman, which is set to one of six classic rock tunes. The lift soon ascends to the generator control room, where Rocket blasts it up, liberating the squad but also disconnecting power to the gantry lift. As the lift rushes up and down, Rocket struggles to retake control, and spectators watch the Guardians caught in various scenarios, as well as a quick view of Disneyland. The lift resumes its descent as soon as the on-board camera takes images of the riders. Rocket finally restores power, and the lift descends to reveal the Guardians with Cosmo as Rocket rejoins them and returns Quill’s walkman. They rejoin Mantis, who has come with their ship. Quill and Gamora congratulate the guests for their assistance, but as the lift resets, Drax asks why they are praising them as all the guests did was sit through the entire experience and did not actively fight.

The sounds of the escaping creatures can be heard as guests exit the gantry lift and descend along a corridor. Over the intercom, the Collector can be heard lamenting the loss of the Guardians and his pets. Stan Lee may be heard over the intercom questioning if this is part of the tour at one point. Howard the Duck can be heard from time to time, mocking the Collector’s plight and bidding guests goodnight.

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