Fullerton Train Museum

The educational non-profit Southern California Railway Plaza Association, Inc. (SCRPA) continues to grow the Fullerton Train Museum. Visitors love strolling through our expanding collection of antique railcars, which are all kept in “in service” condition.

The current collection includes three historically significant preserved cabooses representing the three transcontinental railroads that served Southern California from the roaring twenties until 1989, when “crummies” were removed from the nation’s freight trains; two 1940s Union Pacific lounge cars with period décor; and a 1951 fully restored Santa Fe streamlined sleeping car. Relive the glory days of train travel before AMTRAK and big planes.

Watch how members bring outdated railroad equipment back into service.

Every month on the first and third Saturdays, the museum is open. There is no admission fee. Visit our railcar collection. There are guided tours available.

SCRPA Information

The Southern California Railway Plaza Association (SCRPA) is a volunteer group committed to the preservation of Southern California’s rail legacy. It promotes educational programs, events, and venues for people of all ages.


The group dates back to early 1991, when future president Bob Root booked himself on a Pacific Rail Society fantrip from Los Angeles to Bakersfield, which was to be propelled by steam locomotive ATSF 3751, which was then undergoing a wheels-up restoration in San Bernardino.

Longtime rail fan Bob Root paid a visit to the 3751 repair site, where he met fellow Fullertonian George Barlow, a volunteer for the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society, the engine’s owners. Root, Barlow, and a few other Fullertonians on the journey to Bakersfield explored the prospect of placing the 3751 in a shelter near the historic Santa Fe depot in Fullerton.

By early 1995, the men’s plan had developed to incorporate a larger facility that could reflect the vital role that railways played in the region’s growth. The proposal gained support, and Arroyo Group consultants included the train attraction in their city study for the Fullerton Transportation Center region.

The founding group formalized the plan in 1996 by forming Fullerton Railway Plaza Association, Inc. (FRPA) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company.

The FRPA then proposed staging a community event to highlight rail-related activities as a kind of entertainment, therefore validating their opinion that the notion might be a successful tourist attraction.

The Board of Directors comprises individuals who are knowledgeable with the Southern California region as well as relevant parts of railroad history, operations, and government involvement.

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