Friendly Hills

Friendly Hills is a densely populated suburban area in Whittier, California.

Friendly Hills real estate consists mostly of medium to big (three or four bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. The majority of residential real estate is owner-occupied. Many of the homes in Friendly Hills are older and well-established, having been built between 1940 and 1969. A number of houses were also constructed between 1970 and 1999.

Friendly Hills has an 8.3% vacancy rate for homes and apartments. According to reports, this rate is lower than 49.6% of the communities in the country, putting it towards the middle of the vacancy range.

Friendly Hills has a median real estate price of $1,297,337, which is higher than 86.8% of California neighborhoods and 97.2% of US neighborhoods.

According to analysis, the average rental price in Friendly Hills is presently $2,490. Rents in this neighborhood are currently lower than in 65.4% of California neighborhoods.

In a country where one out of every four children is poor, the Friendly Hills neighborhood stands out as having one of the lowest 0.0% of neighborhoods afflicted by this global problem.

Furthermore, according to analysis, Friendly Hills is one of California’s finest neighborhoods for families. In fact, this community is more family-friendly than 95.4% of all neighborhoods in California. Its combination of excellent public schools, low crime rates, and owner-occupied single-family houses gives this neighborhood the appearance and feel of a “Leave It to Beaver” episode. Many other families live nearby, making it simple to socialize and form a strong feeling of community. Furthermore, the high number of college-educated parents has an impact on the academic success of the local schools. In general, the Friendly Hills neighborhood has everything a family needs to prosper. This neighborhood is an excellent choice for families with school-aged children, as well as highly educated executives, college students, and active retirees.

Friendly Hills is also quite unique linguistically. Significantly, 1.8% of its residents aged five and up primarily speak Urdu, Pakistan’s national language, at home. While this may appear to be a small percentage, it is higher than 98.7% of American neighborhoods.

Residents in Whittier, California’s Friendly Hills neighborhood most commonly identify as Mexican (37.5%). There are also residents of Asian ancestry (18.1%), residents with German roots (8.0%), and some with Russian ancestry (7.2%), as well as residents with English ancestry (6.4%), among others. Furthermore, 23.1% of the people in this neighborhood were born in another country.

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