Emery Park

Single-family homes and townhouses in Emery Park typically range in size from three or four bedrooms up to five or more beds. Tenants and homeowners alike make up the vast majority of the residential population. The majority of the homes in the Emery Park area were constructed between 1970 and 1999, making them long-standing yet not ancient. Between 1940 and 1969, some homes were also constructed.

The real estate vacancy rate in this area is exceptionally low, ranking among the lowest in the country. The low vacancy rate of 0.0% in the real estate market in the Emery Park area may point to either a shortage of available properties or a problem with meeting the high demand for them. Potential outcomes include a rise in real estate prices or a rise in supply to meet demand.

Moreover, most communities feature dwellings of varying ages, but Emery Park is unusual in that nearly all of its residential real estate was constructed in a single time period, specifically between 1970 and 1999. This range is typically considered to be established, but not old, for residential construction. When walking or driving through this area, you may get the impression that many of the homes seem the same due to their comparable age. The vast majority (90.5%) of the homes in this area are relatively new constructions.

In addition, the Emery Park area is ideal for you if you prefer row houses or attached homes. Row houses have a unique atmosphere and allure. Furthermore, this area is notable for the large number of row houses found here. There are more attached and row residences here than in almost any other American community. In fact, attached and row homes make up 31.4% of all dwellings in this area.

If you are an executive or professional looking for a community that can accommodate your lifestyle, or if you simply want to live near other successful people, you should consider the Emery Park area. A large number of successful business people call this area home, and it offers an enviable combination of large houses at reasonable prices and steady property values. This area is among the top 13.8 percent of California’s executive lifestyle communities.

Emery Park is notable for having a higher percentage of non-U.S.-born people (46%) than 96.5 percent of all American communities combined.

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