Carriage Hills / Havenhill

Carriage Hills / Havenhill real estate consists mostly of middle (three or four bedroom) to big (four, five, or more bedroom) single-family homes and townhomes. The majority of residential real estate is owner-occupied. Many of the Carriage Hills / Havenhill homes are established but not old, having been built between 1970 and 1999. A number of houses were also constructed between 1940 and 1969.

Most neighborhoods have a mix of home ages, but Carriage Hills / Havenhill is notable for having nearly all of its residential real estate built in one time period, especially between 1970 and 1999, which is typically considered to be established, but not old housing. When you walk around or drive around this area, you’ll notice that many of the houses seem the same because of their age. In fact, 95.6% of the residential real estate in this area was constructed during this time period.

If you are thinking of retiring in California, this is a must-see neighborhood. Carriage Hills / Havenhill may be called a retiree’s dream neighborhood for a variety of reasons. According to analysis and data, it is serene and quiet, has above-average crime safety compared to other California areas, and offers a varied choice of housing options. This, combined with the vibrant mix of highly educated seniors and other age groups who choose to live here, makes the area more retiree-friendly than 95.0% of California neighborhoods. If a California retirement is in your future, this is one of the neighborhoods you should look into. This neighborhood is a fantastic alternative not only for active retirees, but also for urban sophisticates and highly educated executives.

Did you know that the Carriage Hills / Havenhill area contains more residents of Iranian and Romanian origin than almost any other neighborhood in America? That is correct! In actuality, 5.8% of this neighborhood’s people are of Iranian descent, and 1.0% are of Romanian descent.

Carriage Hills / Havenhill is also linguistically unique. Significantly, 1.3% of its population aged five and up speak Persian at home. While this may appear to be a small amount, it is more than 98.3% of American communities.

Carriage Hills / Havenhill has a median real estate price of $1,085,139, which is higher than 77.9% of California communities and 95.2% of US neighborhoods.

According to a study, the average rental price in Carriage Hills / Havenhill is presently $4,134. The average rental cost in this neighborhood is higher than in 82.2% of California neighborhoods.

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