Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Carbon Canyon Regional Park (or just Carbon Canyon Park) is a regional park in Brea, California, formed after the damming of Carbon Canyon Creek. On the east side, it connects with Chino Hills State Park. The park also contains a small forest of Redwood trees, which have been battling to survive since the beginning of the California drought in 2010.


Prior to the 1880s, the park area was the town of Olinda. The area became a park after a dam on Carbon Canyon Creek was built to avoid flooding.

The lake at the park’s center was rebuilt in 2014 due to decreased water quality and capacity, which prevented OC Parks from stocking the lake with fish.

On July 14, 2014, demolition of the current lake began. The lake had to be totally drained in order for heavy equipment to remove around 9,500 cubic yards of silt. The silt had collected beneath the lake due to rainwater and wildfires during the previous 17 years. The silt removal process began in August 2014.

The lake was refilled once the removal was completed in October 2014. Fish were stocked about a month after the refilling was finished.

The redwood forest

Within the park’s confines is a three-acre (1.2 hectare) forest of Coastal Sequoia redwood trees, which is home to a variety of birds, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and animals. The Triangle Fire in 2008 threatened the forest, as did the California drought from 2010 to 2016.

Carbon Canyon Park staff have gathered with experts from UC Irvine and Disneyland to devise a new strategy that will keep the forest alive during the present drought.

Despite these efforts, one tree was taken down in 2015 because it was unhealthy and on the verge of dying.


The following facilities are available at Carbon Canyon Regional Park:

Cross-country track (Cal State Fullerton)

Courts for tennis

Courts for volleyball


Lake created by man

Platforms for fishing


Shelters for the outdoors

Hiking paths, horses, and nature

People visit the park to enjoy picnics or to celebrate holidays. Hikers are also drawn to the Redwood Forest hiking trail. It’s also a popular training and competition location for numerous cross-country teams.

Fighting fires

When responding to fires in the area, the park’s lake is frequently utilized to fill firefighting aircraft.

The Triangle Fire in 2008 was the most noteworthy example of this. The fire was threatening the eastern side of Brea, encompassing the towns of Hollydale, Olinda Village, and Olinda Ranch, as well as Carbon Canyon Regional Park.

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