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Boomers Parks is a privately held corporation that operates six family entertainment facilities and two water parks in California, Florida, and New Jersey. Boomers Parks operates best-in-class out-of-home entertainment assets with a commitment to excellence, to the communities they serve, and to exceeding expectations.


Malibu and SpeedZone are other names for SpeedZone. SpeedZone is the brand name for a chain of motorsports-themed family entertainment facilities located across the United States. The chain initially began in 1997 as an adult entertainment center that required customers to have a valid driver’s license, featured a full-service bar and restaurant, and had late hours. [1] Three family racetracks are part of the business, and they are located in Kennesaw, Georgia (northwest of Atlanta), City of Industry, California (in the Greater Los Angeles Area), and Dallas, Texas. Palace Entertainment owned all of the facilities, which were former Malibu Grand Prix courses.

Boomers! has replaced SpeedZone Los Angeles. April 2022, Los Angeles.

The following films were shot at SpeedZone (City of Industry, California)

Who is it? (Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac)

Clerks II (Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson)

Slick Track – Drift Racing for up to ten racers

Up to ten racers can maintain a solid four-wheel slide on the well polished concrete surface while the rear-powered slick tires spin furiously around each curve. Make no superfluous steering wheel turns for the fastest lap. Keep your momentum going by driving smoothly.

Turbo Track – Compete against up to 20 other drivers in a wheel-to-wheel race.

High-torque engines power these custom-scale Turbo Cars. Even the most reserved drivers will develop a desire for competition. Turbo vehicles are faster than Slick Trax cars, so keep an eye out for the next bend or to pass other cars. On Turbo Track, well-planned and deliberate moves result in fast times.

Lil’ Thunder Rookie Go Karts – Who says Go Karts are only for adults?

Our Rookie Go Karts are ideal for small speed devils under 58′′ tall. The wind is blowing through their hair. And you can rest assured that our karts are as safe as they are enjoyable. So take the youngsters on an excursion they will never forget.

Speedway Golf – Put your putting talents to the test on one of our distinctive, family-friendly courses.

When you need a break from the action, head to the Speedway Golf Course, which features two 18-hole race-themed miniature golf courses.

Arcade – Inside our massive, cutting-edge game room, you’ll find great games to pique your interest!

Lead your own starship fighting group into a cataclysmic deep-space shootout. Basketball, snowboarding, and big-time sports are all virtual realities in the Game Room. Don’t forget about our fascinating redemption games. At our large, on-site redemption facility, you can win tickets and receive quick rewards.

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