Amerige Heights

Medium-sized (three or four bedroom) to large (four, five or more bedroom) single-family homes and townhomes predominate in Amerige Heights’s real estate. The vast majority of the homes are occupied by their owners. Most of the homes in the Amerige Heights area were constructed after the year 2000. From the 1970s until the 1999s, many homes were also constructed.

The majority of adults in the Amerige Heights area are high-earning professionals. They have large, expensive houses that continue to increase in value over time. Their demanding but rewarding jobs as upper-level professionals allow them to do so while still providing comfortably for their families. reports found that this area is better for executive lifestyles than 96.4% of California’s neighborhoods, so if you’re an executive looking to mingle with others like you, you might want to consider making this area your permanent home. This area is great for urban sophisticates, and it’s also a great fit for highly educated executives.

Were you aware that more people of Asian and Romanian descent live in the Amerige Heights area than in almost any other American community combined? You can count on it! In actuality, 2.2% of the population here has Romanian origin, whereas 68.3% of the population can trace their roots to Asia.

Moreover, the language of Amerige Heights is remarkable. It is notable that 47.3% of its population (those aged 5 and up) speak Korean as their primary language at home. Compared to the rest of the United States, this is a far larger share of communities.

The advantages and disadvantages of staying put versus exploring the world. While high rates of migration can bring about interesting new communities, they can also lead to a loss of familiarity with one’s surroundings and a disconnect from one’s neighbors. An exclusive analysis has revealed that this area is unusual in terms of the mobility of its residents. Curiously, 50.7% of Amerige Heights residents were born outside of the United States, a higher ratio than in 97.8% of all American neighborhoods.

The median home in Amerige Heights costs $1,155,550, making it more costly than 80.4% of California neighborhoods and 95.7% of American areas.

Currently, a monthly rental in Amerige Heights will set you back an average of $4,639. This area has a higher average monthly rental cost than 89.1% of California’s neighborhoods do.

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