Adventure City

Adventure City is a theme park located near Stanton, California, in the United States. Adventure City, which covers an area of little than 2 acres (0.81 hectares), is one of California’s smallest theme parks, with an annual attendance of between 200,000 and 400,000 people. The park’s sole significant sponsor is The Coca-Cola Company. The park is located on the outskirts of Anaheim and Stanton. Though the park presents itself as being in Anaheim, the park’s physical location is in Stanton, but the parking lot and main entrance are in Anaheim.

The $4 million park debuted in 1994 as an expansion of Hobby City, an adjacent 6-acre (2.4 hectare) collection of oddity stores and museums. The park was first touted as an economical alternative to other amusement parks in Greater Los Angeles for families with children. The original miniature railroad attraction at Hobby City, which debuted in 1938 (25 years before the park), was expanded and incorporated into the modern park. A classic 1946 carousel was also among the park’s first-day attractions.

In 1999, the park purchased and renovated a historic 1950s-era Wild Mouse rollercoaster from a Brisbane, Australia amusement firm. The park dubbed its new roller coaster Tree Top Racers and expanded its boundaries westward into an adjacent former parking lot to accommodate it. The coaster was the park’s first new attraction since its inception, and it added to the park’s collection of vintage rides. Tree Top Racers was permanently shuttered in 2012.

Drop Zone, the park’s second new ride since opening day, debuted in 2005, following Tree Top Racers. In time for the park’s 20th anniversary, Rewind Racers, a $2 million family shuttle coaster, opened on the old site of Tree Top Racers in 2015. The coaster is a first-of-its-kind attraction in North America, created by Gerstlauer, a German ride manufacturer, and represents the park’s largest single expenditure.


  • Balloon Race – A ride in a spinning balloon.
  • Barnstormer Planes – Fly on a spinning plane.
  • Drop Zone – A drop tower ride that opened in 2005.
  • The park’s first roller coaster is the Freeway Coaster. It was created around a massive pepper tree that stood on the site before the park was constructed.
  • Crank ‘n Roll is a kid-powered train ride.
  • Adventure The City Express Train was a 14-inch (356-mm) gauge ridable miniature train ride that was created in 1938 and was a prominent attraction at Hobby *City for 25 years. When the park was established in 1994, it was incorporated into it.
  • Crazy Bus is a flat coaster themed after a bus.
  • Carousel – An antique 1946 carousel with 20 horse figures.
  • The Giggle Wheel is a little Ferris wheel.
  • Rewind Racers-Established in 2015. A one-of-a-kind family shuttle coaster. This is the first of its sort in North America.
  • Rescue Ride consists of six independent rescue trucks traveling around a serpentine track.

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